VantagePipes is dedicated to fostering an environment of continuous safety improvement.

Ensuring staff, visitors and customers are safe when on our site or when utilizing our products is a core component of our vision and mission. To achieve this, we take a ‘zero harm’ approach to safety and have implemented a pro-active safety and risk system based on achieving safety excellence.

This is achieved through the following vital components:

Positive safety culture

The program focuses on the empowering all employees through safe behaviour and safe systems. Our positive safety culture requires the full commitment and accountability from all employees extending through to those indirectly associated across the entire pipes process. Sustaining our safety behaviour culture is conducted through our 'Safety Conversation' program. An on-the-spot discussion program that allows employees to identify, address and communicate unsafe actions that can or could have put an associate in a risk position.

This program allows employees to correct unsafe behaviours or more importantly encourage safe behaviours. Our safe systems is demonstrated through our 'JSA' and 'Near Miss' program. This program applies to the entire life cycle of workplace activities allowing proactive identification, documentation and control of conditions and behaviours which can cause harm.


Open reporting and review of our safety programs is a key success in resolving and controlling live risks. Using simple, useable and effective reporting we have successfully addressed the ever changing safety dynamics of the workplace. Structured analysis of our safety performance also ensures continued drive to achieving our safety objectives and challenges.

Our focus on safety is demonstrated through the successful implementation of a safety management plan.

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