VantagePipes are dedicated to operating sustainably. We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint through a sustainable manufacturing methodology.

Our goal is to continuously improve the resource and energy efficiency of our operations and the environmental performance of our products.

We always aim to comply with regulatory standards concerning the environment. All our operating plants are licensed by local government authorities, such as environmental protection agencies, and comply with their requirements for specific issues such as waste management, air emissions, effluent discharge, and storm water run-off.

VantagePipes environmental sustainability objectives specify that:

  • Protecting the environment is critical to the way we operate and do business.
  • We continue to seek ways to efficiently use materials and energy and to reduce waste and emissions.

To assist us in this endeavor, we have conducted a life cycle assessment of our products. This process considers every stage of manufacturing process right through to end use and disposal. This includes our approach to attaining the raw materials, their processing and manufacture, transport to our customers and finally, end use of the product.

Our approach also focuses on what happens with our products after it leaves our facility. This all round appreciation of the product lifecycle ensures we understand our environmental footprint and how we can minimize it at all stages of the cycle.

We aim to achieve our commitment to sustainability through the following:

  • We use renewable and recyclable resources
  • We conserve water, resources and energy
  • We minimise waste by recycling process materials
  • We protect against pollution
  • Our products contribute to energy-efficient building systems
  • We strive to help our local, and global, communities

VantagePipes: Delivering quality products in a sustainable way.

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