About VantagePipes

VantagePipes is one of Australia’s leading providers of reinforced concrete pipes, fittings and drainage solutions to the civil construction sector. As part of the RCPA group, VantagePipes (now rebranding to be known as FRCPipes) provide a high technology solution to durable stormwater drainage material selection.

VantagePipes innovative reinforced concrete pipe products are successfully used in a diverse range of applications on subdivision, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects.  VantagePipes recognise the design and installation benefits from the integration of quality componentry to provide innovative, versatile and cost effective solutions.

Committed to excellence

VantagePipes are committed to product and service excellence. Our quality product is backed by an experienced customer service team and established supply chain. For quality product and service you can count on, VantagePipes is the best choice for your next project. 

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VantagePipes can provide quality service and products to projects Australia wide.

For more information on how VantagePipes can assist, please contact 1800 659 850.

1800 659 850
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