Environmental Stormwater Solutions 

At VantagePipes, we are proud of our efficient use of renewable raw materials, our efforts in reducing waste and our continuing focus on reducing energy use and maximising material yield.

We aim to achieve our commitment to environmental sustainability through the following:

  • We use renewable and recyclable resources
  • We conserve water, resources and energy
  • We minimise waste by recycling process materials
  • Our products contribute to energy-efficient building systems

Our focus on a sustainable manufacturing process allows us to deliver products that meet environmental standards as well as delivering unique benefits within environmetnal applications. 

VantagePipes offer a wide range of products that have proven environmental performance as well as possessing truly sustainable product manufacturing traits.

These products include:

There is an increasing need for drainage designers and specifiers to deliver sustainable water cycle solutions. The three core principles guiding specifiers (and authorities) are Quality, Quantity and Re-use of water through Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD).

The VAquifer Drainage System provides a smart solution to help deliver environmentally sustainable civil construction projects.

VPipe concrete pipe

VPipe concrete pipes are four metres long and about half the weight (per linear metre) of traditional steel reinforced concrete pipes. The lighter and longer reinforced concrete pipes make transportation on site easier and installation more efficient, minimising the overall impact on the environment without sacrificing durability or strength.

Click here to learn more about the VPipe range of concrete pipes. 

VAquifer Subsoil Drainage System

This system consists of slotted reinforced concrete pipe and associated slotted soakwell and swale pit structures that can be used in various applications including:

  • Household treatment drains
    Bioretention systems
  • Ground dewatering.

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