Concrete Pipes for Industrial & Warehouse Projects

VantagePipes offers a range of products and solutions for commercial and retail projects. All our stormwater drainage solutions have the same smart VPipe DNA, light composition and proven durability at tier core and are designed to add significant value to customer projects.

VantagePipes offer customers a range of products suited to large and small scale industrial and warehouse projects. These products include:

VPipe concrete pipes

When compared to traditional steel reinforced concrete pipes, the lighter and longer VPipe concrete pipes reduce installation times and improve efficiency. With over 12,000kms of pipe in service, VantagePipes concrete pipes are proven to stand the test of time.

The extensive range of VPipe fittings provide projects with a range of design and installation benefits by reducing the need for pits. The extensive range of saddles and attachments allow simple downpipe connections at any point and our unique VPipe  reducers allow you to change the size of pipes without needing a pit.

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VSlimDrain Drainage System 

The VSlimDrain Drainage System is the smart solution to all open channel drainage requirements. It is an ideal design alternative to conventional pit and pipe construction for larger concrete or asphalt pavements and car parks. Using a continuous drainage grate, which can be installed at a constant grade, the VSlimDrain simplifies the pavement design and construction phases.

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