Open Channel Drainage

VantagePipes offers a range of products and solutions for a range of different projects. All our stormwater drainage solutions have the same smart VPipe™ DNA, light composition and proven durability at tier core and are designed to add significant value to customer projects.

VSpoonDrain Open Channel Drainage 

VantagePipes SpoonDrain open channel drainage system is ideal for projects where open channel drainage is required.

Common applications span transport, commercial, residential and industrial projects and include:

  • Back of barrier drainage for retaining walls
  • Drainage along the bottom of cuttings and retaining walls
  • Channel drains alongside hardstand areas (grated covers can be used if required)
  • Forming an open drain into concrete slabs.

Using VSpoonDrain as permanent formwork allows quick construction with minimal hand finishing of placed concrete. Available in sizes from 225mm up to 750mm, there is a size to suit any application.

The VSpoonDrain allows quick setup of formwork, meaning faster construction compared to traditional hand finished concrete channel drains. There is minimal labour and finishing of backfill concrete needed which makes placement easy.

The finished product provides a smooth, aesthetically pleasing and hydraulically efficient finished surface.

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Case Study

Schofields Road Upgrade

Schofields Road Upgrade

Project Name:

Contractors, the OHL-Abergedlie Joint Venture were awarded a major road upgrade project and, as a major part of the project scope, required a channel drainage system that met the projects unique requirements.

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