Stormwater Systems & Concrete Pipes for Rail Projects

VantagePipes can offer a range of concrete pipes and stormwater systems for rail infrastructure projects. In addition to needing conventional drainage pipes, railway projects often require smart solutions to ballast and embankment drainage.

VantagePipes offers rail solutions including:

VPipe concrete pipes

Designed to meet a 100 year service life, the range of VPipe concrete pipes range are recognised for their impressive strength capacity. VPipe, VPipe+ and VPipe R+ concrete pipes are available in the standard strength class of 2, 3 and 4. Higher strength classes are available to suit higher railway load applications where required. Also for more demanding specifications, VPipe+ with Advanced Jointing Technology provides additional joint strength and robustness by using a collared dual v-ring joint.

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VAquifer Subsoil Drainage System

The VAquifer system provides an ideal solution for railway track ballast drainage. Typically installed in a granular backfill wrapped with geotextile fabric, VAquifer provides a high strength and high capacity subsoil drainage system.

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VSpoonDrain Open Channel Drainage System 

The VSpoonDrain Open Channel Drainage System is ideal for draining the bottom of embankments and retaining walls typical for railway projects. There is minimal labour and finishing of backfill concrete needed which makes placement easy. The finished product provides a smooth, aesthetically pleasing and hydraulically efficient finished surface.

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