Stormwater Drainage for Sporting Fields & Parks

Sporting fields and parks require unique drainage solutions that deal with stormwater runoff effectively.

Ensuring any potential downtime is minimised and that the use of the facilities can continue as soon as possible is critical to any management team. The financial and scheduling implications of delays or cancellations due to inefficient stormwater management can be serious. Fortunately, VantagePipes offers a range of concrete pipes, fittings and drainage systems which can be implemented to ensure stormwater runoff is managed efficiently and that the game can indeed go on!

The range of concrete pipes, fittings and stormwater drainage systems available include: 

VPipe concrete pipes and fittings

The extensive range of VPipe fittings also has significant design and installation benefits for recreational projects as they reduce the need for pit construction. Pipe size changes are also possible without pits by using VPipe reducers.

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VSlimDrain Drainage System.

VSlimDrain is an ideal design alternative to conventional pit and pipe construction for larger flat sporting fields. Using a continuous trench, which can be installed level with the surface, makes design and construction of sporting fields and parks drainage systems a breeze. Recreational areas can use a central high capacity drainage grate to maintain a constant grass grade throughout any field or park.

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