Concrete Pipes & Stormwater Systems for Tunnels

Each tunnel infrastructure project is unique and requires a tailored approach to the construction process. Tunnel projects also require tailored and effective stormwater management systems that allow stormwater and deluge system runoff to drain effectively ensuring tunnel roadway conditions are safe for drivers.

VantagePipes offers a range of concrete pipe products and stormwater systems for tunnel infrastructure projects. All of our stormwater drainage solutions have the same smart VPipe benefits; lighter composition, proven durability and true flexibility allowing designers to easily design and develop solutions that work, adding significant value to customer projects.

VantagePipes offers a range of products which are suited to tunneling projects including:

VSuperTite Suspended Drainage System

The VSuperTite Suspended Drainage System is ideal for tunnel roadway drainage and can be suspended directly under the roadway. The product offers concrete durability and a two-hour fire rating, meeting the stringent performance requirements normally specified for tunnel components.

VSuperTite offers various jointing couplings, reducers, saddles and junctions allowing flexible design options for both the designer and contractor.

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VPipe concrete pipe range and fittings

For tunnel designs requiring concrete pipe buried in a trench, the VPipe concrete pipe range is ideally suited. Designed to meet a 100 year service life, all VPipe concrete pipes are available in the standard strength classes of 2, 3 and 4. Also for more demanding specifications, VPipe+ and VPipe R+ with Advanced Jointing Technology provide additional joint strength thanks to the collared dual v-ring joint.

VantagePipes also offer custom made componentry including special bends, junctions and movement joints for smart solutions to challenging situations.

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Case Studies

WestConnex - M4 East

Project Name: WestConnex - M4 East

Vantage Pipes are proud to partner with the NEW M5 construction team to supply drainage pipes and fittings for this major infrastructure project in Sydney's south.

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