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Clem7 Tunnel

One of Brisbane's largest road tunnels, the 6.8km CLEM7, allows motorists to safely and swiftly bypass the CBD. To ensure success, it also required a superior system to bypass any drainage problems. That system was VSuperTite™.

Brisbane is an expanding city, with over 1 million residents and a decentralised structure. Movement about the city is critical, so when work began in 2006 on the Clem Jones Tunnel (CLEM7), it signified a huge leap forward for cross- town travel.

At nearly 7km, the tunnel and its connections represent a $3 billion investment that will link both sides of the Brisbane River and five major motorways and arterials. Prior to the opening of the Clem7, over 400,000 vehicles used to travel along these routes daily. The Clem7 now cuts out 23 sets of traffic lights and has reduces travel times by up to 30%.The tunnel itself is 4.8km and consists of twin 2-lane north-south tunnels. Design and construction involved two 4000 tonne tunnel boring machines (TBM’s) digging continuously for 18 months, finally breaking through in May 2009. Leighton Contractors and Baulderstone Hornibrook Bilfinger Berger Joint Venture (LBBJV) has managed the project from the beginning, employing over 1500 people in all areas, including drainage.

This unique project needed an innovative suspended drainage solution that met a stringent range of criteria, including a proven fire rating. The solution? VSuperTite Suspended Drainage.

Full client detailsLeighton Contractors and Baulderstone Hornibrook Bilfinger Berger Joint Venture

“The design of the VSupertite™ pipes made them perfect for the subterranean world of the CLEM7.”

VPipe™ is an excellent product. It gives us 30-40% faster installation when compared to steel reinforced concrete pipes.

Vince Neuss/ ACT Civil, ACT