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Gumtree Crescent Subdivision

In the fast growing suburbia of Queensland's Gold Coast, new streets can appear overnight. For CB Construction, they needed a pipe solution that would move just as quickly. VPipe™ concrete pipes proved to be the right product for the job.

In the foothills of Upper Coomera in south-east Queensland lies Gumtree Crescent, a 37home estate. Just a stone’s throw from the theme parks and water slides, it is a community with leisure and recreation in mind. Prior to the manicured lawns and architecturally designed homes, the site played host to CB Construction, the contractors responsible for subdivision of the land and installation of a comprehensive stormwater pipe network.

Although the site was easily accessible and spacious, it needed to be completed within a very tight timeframe. This meant that a number of contractors needed to begin work but, to do so, the subdivision and stormwater works had to be completed to allow the project and its associated stages to proceed seamlessly.

With speed and efficiency in mind, CB Construction selected VPipe concrete pipes for the stormwater drainage element of the project.

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VPipe™ is an excellent product. It gives us 30-40% faster installation when compared to steel reinforced concrete pipes.

Vince Neuss/ ACT Civil, ACT