What is Pipekit?


Highton Ridge Subdivision

The construction of a premium residential subdivision in fast growing Geelong demonstrated the time and cost benefits contractors can expect when using VPipe™ reinforced concrete pipes.

Highton Ridge, on the hills of outer Geelong, is an amazing housing estate with priceless views. Overlooking a panorama of Corio Bay, this location is sought after for the unique lifestyle it offers homeowners. Not only does the estate boast amazing views; it also is also within close proximity toto schools, shops and parks. With the significant volume of demand for the sought after blocks, construction needed to be fast and efficient without compromising quality.

Contractors assigned to the project were Geelong-based Draper’s Civil Contracting. Family owned and operated and with over 35 years’ experience in the industry, Draper’s knew only too well the need to have everything run efficiently on site to ensure the deadline was met.

Engineering manager Peter Ficca and project engineer Paul Kleijn at Draper’s Civil Contracting explained the situation. “Planning for all construction materials was critical to the project,” says Ficca.

When it came to a stormwater pipe solution to service the entire subdivision, there was one clear choice that met the needs the projects unique requirements – VPipe reinforced concrete pipes. 

VPipe™ is an excellent product. It gives us 30-40% faster installation when compared to steel reinforced concrete pipes.

Vince Neuss/ ACT Civil, ACT