What is Pipekit?


Oran Park Town Subdivision

Greenfield Development Company and Landcom are developing Oran Park Town, a large community designed around sustainability and lifestyle. TRN Group were contracted to conduct major civil works on the project which included the stormwater drainage.

Civil construction works are being undertaken by TRN Group who, have again chosen VPipe+TM for their stormwater and drainage systems. This has allowed TRN Group to continue to enjoy the benefits of quick production, a quality and proven product as well as reliable delivery times. 

TRN Group commenced work on the Oran Park Town site in southwest Sydney in 2008. The site will eventually house 25,000 residents seeking a modern lifestyle in a sustainable and energy efficient environment.

Aside from the latest in home design and sustainability, Oran Park Town residents will have access to many excellent amenities including a variety of shops, cafés and restaurants, schools, parks, walking and cycle paths, a community pool, office space and medical facilities.

An innovative project such as Oran Park Town requires innovative products and a team that works collaboratively to ensure the right result is achieved; on time and on budget. 

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VPipe™ is an excellent product. It gives us 30-40% faster installation when compared to steel reinforced concrete pipes.

Vince Neuss/ ACT Civil, ACT