What is Pipekit?


Top Ryde Shopping Centre

With green compliance issues and unique bends to consider, VSuperTite™ Suspended Drainage System is showing how it's done at Sydney's Top Ryde shopping centre.

The Top Ryde Shopping Centre comprises of 80,000 square metres of shopping nirvana, anchored by reputable retailers and giving customers access to extensive under and above ground parking facilities. This amazing shopping centre was designed and built with customers in mind and truly reflects a functional retail centre with its seamless mix of commercial, residential and commercial space.

At Top Ryde, the task of installing an effective stormwater system was met with both the usual physical confines of a public-friendly space and the stricter requirements of achieving the requirements needed for green building compliance. Drainage specialists, Ajax Plumbing were contracted to complete the job. 

Long term Ajax Plumbing employee and Project Manager, Stuart Betts, was tasked with sourcing an innovative above ground drainage pipe that was versatile, strong and that also met the stringer requirements needed to comply with the greener building practices this project required.

The Solution? VSuperTiteTM Suspended Drainage. 

VPipe™ is an excellent product. It gives us 30-40% faster installation when compared to steel reinforced concrete pipes.

Vince Neuss/ ACT Civil, ACT